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From Tolkien Gateway
"Vampire" by Liz Danforth
General Information
AffiliationMorgoth, Sauron
Physical Description
Distinctionsbat-like creatues
GalleryImages of Vampires

Vampires were mysterious bat-like creatures in the service of Morgoth and of Sauron. The only vampire whose name is recorded in the annals of Arda is Sauron's messanger, Thuringwethil,[1] but Sauron himself took the form of a vampire on at least one occasion, to flee Huan.[2]

A vampire shape with pinions vast
screeching leaped from the ground, and passed,
its dark blood dripping on the trees

Portrayal in adaptations

1989: Middle-earth Role Playing (Dark Mage of Rhudaur):

Vampires are described as former Maia patrons of normal bats, but corrupted by Morgoth and transformed into demons appearing as man-sized bats with "the faces of hideous Men or Women", having the ability to change shape.[4] A related creature is also envisioned, the Blood-wight, which is an undead Mannish shapechanger, draining blood from living beings.[5]

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

A new creature created for the game, the Merrevail (singular, Morroval) appear to be based on Tolkien's vampires. They are fearsome bat-winged women with sharp talons. The males of the species are the Mervyl (singular, Morvul).

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