Lay of Leithian Canto IX

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Anke Eißmann - Death of Finrod Felagund

This Canto of the Lay of Leithian tells of how Beren, imprisoned in the dungeons of Thû on Wizard's Isle, begins to despair, and think of telling their captor all, their names and errand. But Finrod Felagund encourages him, and warns him that their lot would be worse if he truly knew their names, for they were greatly hated by Morgoth. When the werewolf that had devoured all their companions one by one came at last for Beren (for Thû realized that they were the leaders, and guessed that the elf was more important), Felagund burst his bonds and strangled the monster, though the poisoned teeth had entered his breast, and he died soon after in the dungeon. He then felt a strange stir in his spirit, and he dreamed of singing a song "of breathless deeds, of marching forth/to dare uncounted odds and break/great powers, and towers, and strong walls shake..." and so forth. Then how Lúthien and Huan heard the song from afar, and upon the bridge sang in response. Thû, hearing this voice, plots great evil, by capturing her and giving her to Morgoth. But as each of his messengers comes across the bridge, Huan springs out and slays them. At last he sent Draugluin, greatest of his werewolves. But Huan him also mortally wounded, but he escaped to the chair of Thû, and in his dying breath gasps out that Huan was there. Because it was decreed that Huan would be slain by only the mightiest wolf of all, Thû in his pride transforms himself into a great wolf. He leaps upon Lúthien, who swoons, but Huan halted him and battled him long, grasping the maia's throat. From form to form Thû shifts, but cannot shake off Huan's grip. Lúthien, rising, demands the keys to the fortress and the tower, as well as the spell that held the stone together in return for his life. He complied, and Lúthien destroyed the castle and freed the captives. Huan releases Thû, who changes into vampire-shape and flies away. But Beren does not come, and entering they found him kneeling beside the body of Felagund. But Beren was not dead, and they are reunited.