Lay of Leithian Canto VI

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Anke Eißmann - Finrod is reminded of his oath

This Canto of the Lay of Leithian starts with a description of Tirion on Túna, here called Tûn. It speaks in short of Fëanor's speech and the Oath, that he and his sons spake. It also speeks in brief of the deeds of the Noldor, such as the rescue of Maedhros by Fingon. It tells of how Barahir, the father of Beren, aided Finrod Felagund during the Siege of Angband. Then how Beren made his way to Nargothrond, asking for Felagund's aid in the Quest for the Silmaril, giving the greatest speech he made in his life about the beauty of Lúthien. Though Felagund was moved, he feared the power of Celegorm and Curufin, who took the Oath and were very influential in Nargothrond, despite his own oath to Barahir. Then the two brothers stood and spoke, and so masterful were their voices that for many years after no elf of Nargothrond went to war for a long time. Therefor the people would not follow Felagund on this quest, and he took with him only ten, giving his crown to Orodreth. "Then Celegorm no more would stay,/And Curufin smiled and turned away".