Lay of Leithian Canto X

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Beren's Leap by Ted Nasmith

This Canto of the Lay of Leithian tells of the joy of Beren and Lúthien Tinúviel upon their reunion, and the burying of Finrod Felagund's body. Though they did not go to Nargothrond, news quickly came of the overthrow of Thû and the destruction of Wizard's Isle. Then Celegorm and Curufin lost their popularity, for they who had sworn the Oath did not do such a thing, while a maiden had, and that they had lent no aid to their king Felagund, thought because of their words they themselves had refused him aid. Then Orodreth regains his mastery and though did not allow the brothers to be slain, banished them from Nargothrond. Meanwhile Beren grows sad, for he knows he must return on the Quest, but Lúthien refuses to let him go alone. While they speak the brothers Celegorm and Curufin come upon them, and being in great wrath, and seeing she who had escaped them, rode upon them. Curufin, who had fallen in love with Lúthien, swung her up onto his saddle, but Beren leaping pulled both horse and rider to the ground. In the battle that ensued Beren would have strangled Curufin had not Celegorm rode up. He nearly ran Beren through with his spear, but Huan, forsaking his master, threw himself in the way, halting Celegorm's attack. But Lúthien begs Beren to forgive them, and he releases Curufin, though he took his weapons (in particular his knife) and his horse, as well as his mail. Then Beren bade them leave, though Celegorm cursed them. Then as they parted Curufin sent arrows after them, and would have slain them both save that Huan caught one arrow with his mouth, and defending Lúthien Beren recieved another in his breast. Laughing the brothers went away, ever after in infamy. Lúthien and Huan heal Beren, and Lúthien begs that either Beren turn aside with her or let her come with him on the quest. One morning as she lays asleep, Beren leaves for Angband on his quest.