Lay of Leithian Canto XIII

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Anke Eißmann - Beren recovers a Silmaril
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This Canto of the Lay of Leithian begins with a short description of the horrors of the "many-tunneled tomb in labrynthine pyramid" of Angband as seen by Beren and Lúthien as they pass through on the Quest. At last they reach the Hall of Morgoth (whose description is remarkably like a dark opposite of Menegroth in this lay), as well as Morgoth himself with the Silmarils in his crown of iron. Morgoth's lidless eyes catch sight of Lúthien in her vampire disguise, and orders that she come down and identify herself. She responds that she is Thuringwethil, a messenger of Thû. But Morgoth sees through the disguise, and denounces her as a liar. His power causes her ugly form to fall, and she stands revealed in her cloak of slumber. Then she started to sing, and the fires of Angband died - all save the light of Morgoth's eyes. Morgoth asks what brought Lúthien to his halls, and Lúthien responds that she came to entertain Morgoth, flattering him. But he responds with words of torture and death, and reaches out her hand to her with dark designs. But she recoils, and wrapping her cloak about her, begins to dance and sing. About the hall, about Morgoth's dark head she flits. Orcs and balrogs fall into slumber as the spell of sleep she weaves. But Morgoth does not move, his eyes steadily on Lúthien. But the light of the Silmarils are kindled once more at hearing the Elven song. Then at last Morgoth falls from the throne, and the crown rolls from his head. Then she rouses Beren, who had also fallen under the spell, and he throws aside his hideous raiment and draws out the Knife of Curufin. It cleaves the iron crown like tender wood, and the claws that hold the gem are cut through, until at last he held one in his hand. He would have taken all three, but as he attempts to free another the blade made by the smiths of Nogrod snaps, and the shard grazes the brow of Morgoth, who groans. Then all sleeping in the hall stir, and the peril of Beren and Lúthien is great. There this Canto ends.