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anga is a noun meaning "iron" in Quenya.[1]

Anga is also the name in Quenya of the seventh letter of the Tengwar alphabet.[1] It is the third letter of the second grade or Tyellë, which contains "voiced stops" and it is the second letter in the third series of consonants, which in Quenya and Sindarin was the k-series, the Calmatéma.[2] In the standard spelling of Quenya Anga represents NG,[3] while in Sindarin this letter represents G. In Westron, the third series is used for a variety of consonantal sounds and this letter represents J.[2] The Westron name for this letter is .[4]

At the end of the second week in September, T.A. 3001[5] Gandalf rode through Hobbiton in a cart. Halting at Bag End he unloaded bundles of firewords, all of them inscribed with the tengwa Anga. It was his initial but the hobbit-children who had followed his cart thought the letter stood for "Grand!"[6]


The word derives from the Primitive Quendian root ANGA.[7]


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