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General Information
Other namesGarthúrian
LocationEastern Doriath, between Aros and Celon

Arthórien was a region in eastern Doriath.

History[edit | edit source]

Arthórien was located between the rivers Aros and Celon, west of Estolad and south of Himlad.[1][2] Although what appears to be the same region is also called Radhrim,[2] it is unknown if these two regions were the same (or if one was situated within the other).

After Denethor was killed upon Amon Ereb in the First Battle of Beleriand, some of the Green-elves fled to Doriath, apparently seeking the protection of the Girdle of Melian. These elves, who became known as the Guest-elves, settled in Arthórien.[1][3]

Etymology and names[edit | edit source]

On a map of Beleriand, the name Garthúrian (could possibly be read as Garthúrien, according to Christopher Tolkien) is marked as another name for Arthórien.[2] The name Garthurian occurs in early linguistic writings, said to be a "Doriathrin name of Doriath", meaning "Fenced or Hidden Realm/Kingdom". In the same manuscript, it is said that Noldorin Arthoren, Arthurien was a translation of Garthurian.[4][5] A somewhat different version is given in a "philological fragment of uncertain date", where it is written that "the Noldor often used the name Arthúrien for Doriath, though this is but an alteration of the Sindarin Garthúrian 'hidden realm'".[2]

Another name used for the region of Arthórien was Eglamar. This usage is noted as a mystery by Christopher Tolkien, as the name usually applies to other concepts (cf. Eglamar (disambiguation)).[3]

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