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General Information
LocationNorthern part of East Beleriand
DescriptionSlender stream
InhabitantsOrcs, then Elves

Celon was a tributary of the Aros that rose in the highlands around Himring and flowed south-westwards until it met the Aros on the southern borders of Doriath. The woods of Nan Elmoth lay on its south-western bank, and the river marked the boundary between Himlad and Estolad.[1] The Celon was not a great river and was referred to as a "slender stream".[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In the years of darkness before the return of the Noldor the Orcs of Morgoth established camps between Celon and Gelion, from which they plundered widely throughout East Beleriand.[3] After the Noldor had returned they created new realms; on the north flank of the Celon Celegorm and Curufin established themselves in Himlad while to the south lay the domains of Amrod and Amros.[4]

When the people of Bëor came to Beleriand, Finrod Felagund advised them to gather and settle upon the east banks of the Celon. Thereafter the land was called Estolad, which meant the "Encampment".[5]

After the death of Haldad and the rescue of the Haladin by Caranthir, the new leader, Haleth, led her people to Estolad where they dwelt for a time. Later though she removed her people westward to the Forest of Brethil.[5]

After the Dagor Bragollach the Orcs returned, coming down the Celon to encompass Doriath.[6]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Celon means the "stream flowing down from heights".[7] The name was derived from et-kelē, the "issue of water, spring".[8]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit | edit source]

In later writings, Tolkien decided that the name of the Celon was "too hackneyed a river-name" and that Limhir was "more suitable for the river" with the prefix Lim- being "repeated in L.R. as were not unnaturally other names from Beleriand".[9]