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Marya Filatova - Celegorm in Himlad.jpg
"Celegorm in Himlad" by Marya Filatova
General Information
LocationEast Beleriand
DescriptionCold land; a plain lying between the rivers Aros and Celon
People and History
InhabitantsNoldor, governed by Celegorm and Curufin
EventsDagor Bragollach

Himlad was a cold land in East Beleriand, a plain lying between the Rivers Aros and Celon, right below Himring; it communicated with Lothlann through the Pass of Aglon to the north.[1]

During the Siege of Angband it was held by Celegorm and Curufin who guarded the Pass,[2] but they failed at the Dagor Bragollach.[3]


The name comes from him "cool"[4] and lad "plain".[5]

Region of Himlad
Dorthonion Pass of Aglon, Ladros Himring, March of Maedhros, Lothlann
Ered Gorgoroth and Nan Dungortheb, Dor Dínen WindRose3.pngLittle and Greater Gelion, Mount Rerir, Lake Helevorn
Doriath - Forest of Neldoreth, Forest of Region, Menegroth Nan Elmoth, Estolad Thargelion