Bored of the Rings (comic)

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The name Bored of the Rings refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Bored of the Rings (disambiguation).
Bored of the Rings
AuthorDesmond Devlin (writer) Hermann Mejia (art)
PublisherMad Magazine

Following the release of The Lord of the Rings (film series), Mad published spoofs of them under the title Bored of the Rings.

The Feeble Shtick of Ka-Ching! was published in #416 (cover date April 2002), The Two+ Hours in #428 (cover date April 2003) and Rehash of the Thing in #440 (cover date April 2004). The stories were translated for Mad Special the German version of the magazine.


The comic satirizes the The Lord of the Rings film drawing in seven pages of cartoons. The story is contained in a series of standalone drawings, each spoofing a major scene in the movies, or referencing a then-current event in American media.

Though it shares a name with the famous Harvard Lampoon book of the same name, it takes only some names, like Legolamb and Spam Gangrene, and shares no plot elements.


Changed and location names, in alphabetical order.

The Lord of the Rings Bored of the Rings
Aragorn, Strider, Longshanks, Elfstone, Telecontar Peppercorn, Spider, Longstinks, Elfdrone of Telemundo
Arwen Argon
Bilbo Baggins Billboard Gaggins
Boromir Borderline
Elrond Elbow
Galadriel Galapagos
Gandalf Gandoof
Gimli Gimmicki
Gollum, Smeagol Golfclub, Cheeseball (and Jar Jar Jr.)
Háma Hans Blix
Hobbits Slobbits
Legolas Legolamb
[Meriadoc] Brandybuck Baggybuns
Mordor Torpor
Nazgûl Fazool
Orc Dorc
Pippin Pimple
Sam Gamgee Spam Gangrene
Saruman Aspercreme
Sauron Sorehead
Uruk-hai Gesund-heit Orcs
Witch-King of Angmar Wirch-King of Angrymaw
Andúril Advil

Gríma, Éowyn, Treebeard, Théoden, Durin's Bane, Haldir, Denethor and Gothmog also appear, but go unnamed

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