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General Information
LocationCentral Eriador
Major townsBree, Staddle
InhabitantsMen, Hobbits

Bree-hill was the most prominent point in the Bree-land, on the slopes of which stood the villages of Bree itself (to the southwest) and Staddle (to the southeast).

The portion of the hill that consisted of Bree was burrowed by hobbit-holes where Bree-hobbits resided. This was possibly also the case with Staddle.

On its southern slopes there were flourishing growths of pipe-weed, which was probably brought to the north along the Greenway and the Bree-hobbits claimed they were the first actual smokers of the leaf. Being an ancient cross-road, the "art" spread from there to other wanderers and races. Tobold Hornblower probably discovered the leaf there, introducing it to the Shire.[1]

The southern slopes contained the fields called Southlinch, which produced a weed variety of that name.[2]