Brodda's hall

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Brodda's hall
"Hall of Brodda Burning" by Alan Lee
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InhabitantsBrodda, Aerin
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Brodda's hall, or the Hall of Brodda, was the dwelling of the Easterling Brodda and his wife Aerin, who he forcefully wedded after the invasion of Dor-lómin in 472 of the First Age.[1]

When Túrin returned to Dor-lómin in F.A. 496 he confronted Brodda in his halls, where he is also reunited with his old friend Sador. In his rage Túrin killed Brodda, thereby sealing Aerin's fate, who burnt herself alive in her hall. After this incident the remainder of the House of Hador were persecuted with even greater cruelty.[1]