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Easterling (First Age)
"Brodda" by Christian Haas
Biographical Information
Other namesthe Incomer[1]
BirthFirst Age
DeathF.A. 496
Physical Description
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Brodda was an Easterling from the House of Ulfang.


During the First Age, after Morgoth captured the land of Hithlum, Brodda became its lord. He took to wife (against her will) Aerin of the House of Hador, a kinswoman of Húrin, and took Húrin's lands and possessions.[2] When in F.A. 495[3] Túrin Turambar, son of Húrin, returned to Dor-lómin, he learned from Aerin that his mother, Morwen, had left Hithlum. In his rage he killed Brodda, thereby also sealing Aerin's fate, who burnt herself alive in her hall, and the remainder of the House of Hador now was persecuted even more cruelly.[4]


b. F.A.
d. F.A. 496
d. F.A. 496

Other versions of the legendarium

The Book of Lost Tales

Brodda already appears in the earliest version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales. The concept of the Easterlings invading Hisilómë was not present, but he is the lord of those lands inhabited by Men, as well as a horrible husband for Airin. When Mavwin decided to leave Hisilómë and asked to Airin that Brodda took care of her properties, he accepted without problem. But once Mavwin and Nienóri left, he added all her goods to his own, and did not take care her house or lands, so he was considered a bad lord and thief by his own people. When Turambar heard about this, became enraged and went to Brodda's hall. Airin was no there, but he was welcomed to the dinner party that was taking place, although he rejected the food they offered to him.

Then Turambar stepping out into the midst of them before the high place where Brodda sat said: "Behold, I am Turambar son of the forest", and men laughed thereat, but Turambar's eyes were full of wrath. Then said Brodda in doubt: "What wilt thou of me, O son of the wild forest?" But Turambar said: "Lord Brodda, I am come to repay thy stewardship of others' goods," and silence fell in that place; but Brodda laughed, saying again: "But who art thou?" And thereupon Turambar leapt upon the high place and ere Brodda might foresee the act he drew Gurtholfin and seizing Brodda by the locks all but smote his head from off his body, crying aloud: "So dieth the rich man who addeth the widow's little to his much. Lo, men die not all in the wild woods, and am I not in truth the son of Úrin, who having sought back unto his folk findeth an empty hall despoiled."

Seeing Turambar's crime, people in the hall revolted. Some did not appreciated Brodda and did not even unsheath their swords, but others attacked Turambar, of which Orlin was killed. Airin appeared and stopped everyone. She was shocked because of the crime commited, but spoke a favorable judgement against Turambar, recognizing how unfair Brodda had been towards Mavwin. Everyone approved, ignoring how horrible was Airin's life beside that man.[5]

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