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Chance Thomas is a composer and producer of original music for video games. He has been Sierra Online's music director as well as Electronic Arts', and has as such worked on many Tolkien games. In 1998 he was hired to compose the music for Middle-earth Online, a project that would eventually become The Lord of the Rings Online.



"I really began to understand just how much thought the old professor put into imagining how his world would resonate with music. This wasn’t a casual afterthought. He’d done some real thinking about music and sound in his world. I felt that if I was ever going to make any music that amounted to anything for this universe, I had better understand it from the ground up."
― Chance Thomas, [1]
"I was given a mandate to create music that was true to the spirit and letter of Tolkien's writings. To do that with any sort of fidelity, I found myself returning to the books again and again."
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