Citadel of Gondor

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Ted Nasmith - At the Court of the Fountain

Citadel of Minas Tirith,[1][2] Citadel[3] or High City[4] was a term referring to the fortified seventh and highest circle of the city of Minas Tirith.[3][2][5]

It was the city's strongest point, surrounded by high walls and battlements on the 'keel'. One reached the Citadel through the Seventh Gate, manned by the Guards of the Citadel.[3]

The Citadel housed the Tower of Ecthelion[6] and the Court of the Fountain where the White Tree had grown before it died[7] and grew again after King Aragorn had found and planted a seedling of it[8]. There were also the King's House, lodgings for the Steward, Merethrond, barracks for the Guard, and other buildings for guests and other workers.