Cliff House

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The destroyed Christmas House (top) and Cliff House (bottom)

The Cliff House was the house of Father Christmas.


The Cliff House was as the name suggests, a house on a cliff. It is located near the North Pole. The house has a cellar built into the cliffs.[1] The house had a garden that was tended by the Snow Man but little grew except snowdrops and frost-ferns.[2]


Father Christmas moved to the Cliff House in November or December of 1925. He had previously lived at the Christmas House but was forced to move after the North Polar Bear had climbed the roof to try to rescue Father Christmas' hood that had blown up by the wind and had fallen through the roof and made a hole in the living room.[1]

In 1932, for several days Father Christmas and the North Polar Bear found items in the cellar missing and in disarray, originally blaming Paksu and Valkotukka. When they came down to discover all the items from the main cellar missing, the North Polar Bear said he smelled Goblin and they discovered a tunnel. The tunnel was too small for them to fit through but after going to the caves to confer with Mr Cave Bear they discovered a tunnel built by Goblins leading from the caves to the Cliff House's cellar.[3]

In 1934, Paksu and Valkotukka stole Father Christmas's paints and painted over the white walls of the cellar.[4]