Christmas House

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The Christmas House, drawn by Father Christmas

The Christmas House was Father Christmas's house up until its destruction in 1925.


The house was circular with a domed top.[1][2]. The North Pole sat atop the house.[3] The house had a cellar which was used to store, among other things, fireworks.[4].


In November 1925, a gust of wind blew Father Christmas's hood off and it landed on the top of the North Pole. Despite's Father Christmas's protests, the North Polar Bear went onto the roof to try to retrieve it. While attempting to climb the North Pole, it cracked in half and the North Polar Bear fell, creating a hole in the dining room ceiling. After this Father Christmas moved into the Cliff House.[3]

After several days of finding items in the cellar of the Cliff House missing and in disarray, Father Christmas and the North Polar Bear discovered a tunnel which they were too small to fit through. After going to the caves to confer with Mr Cave Bear, they discovered a tunnel built by Goblins, leading from the caves to the Christmas House that had been built long before and had been used by the Goblins to steal many items from Father Christmas. After strong snow-storms the Christmas House was completely buried.[5]

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