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Ilbereth was the Elven secretary of Father Christmas.[1]


Father Christmas described Ilbereth as "one of the cleverest elves". His writing is described as thin and slanted and his drawing scratchy. He wrote only in pen and pencil refusing to use paints.[2]


In 1936, Ilbereth wrote most of the letter since Father Christmas was upset and shaky because the North Polar Bear fell asleep in the tub with the taps still on and it overflowed and flooded the house. He also made two drawings that were sent with the letter[3] He learned to write many alphabetics, these were Arktik, Latin, Greek, Russian, Runes and Elvish.[2] He also wrote part of the 1937 letter because Father Christmas had strained his hand in November moving boxes.[2] In 1938 Ilbereth reported on the copious amounts of food the North Polar Bear had been eating.[4]


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