Snow Man

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The Snow Man (sometimes referred to as the Snowman) was the gardener of Father Christmas at the North Pole.[1]


The Snow Man is first mentioned by the North Polar Bear as helping address the envelopes of the letters to the children around the world, writing the addresses in white with his finger. Later, when the Polar Bear was snowballing him in the garden, he accidentally pushed him over the edge of the cliff and into Father Christmas's sleigh. This broke many things, including himself, and Father Christmas used what was left of him to draw a white picture.[2] Presumably he was rebuilt after this accident, as he is mentioned in Father Christmas's second 1930 letter as the "oldest of all the snowmen", sometimes drawing a Snowman as his signature instead of writing his name, and quarrelling with the Polar Bear, who pushed him through the roof of his snow house.[3]


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