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Firth of Drengist
Traces of the Noldor by Peter Xavier Price
General Information
Other namesDrengist
LocationNorthwestern Beleriand, North of Nevrast, Ered Lómin, Cirith Ninniach
DescriptionNarrow inlet from Belegaer into Beleriand
EventsY.T. 1497: Arrival of the host of Fëanor in Middle-earth
F.A. 155: Morgoth's Assaults on Hithlum
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The Firth of Drengist, or just Drengist, was a firth in Beleriand. The Belegaer broke through the Ered Lómin and ended in the Cirith Ninniach. The lands it separated were Lammoth to the north, and Nevrast to the south.[1] Outside the firth was the little-known island of Ened.


Fëanor and the Noldor landed at the Firth of Drengist, and their ships were burned at Losgar, which was located at the outlet of the bay.[2] From there, Fëanor and his host pierced into Hithlum.[3] Years later, the first of Morgoth's Assaults on Hithlum was countered here by Fingolfin, driving the Orcs into the sea.[4][5]


In an early manuscript by Tolkien, Drengist is glossed as the Elvish equivalent of Old English Nearufléot. The latter name is said by Christopher Tolkien to consist of nearu ("narrow") + fléot ("arm of the sea, estuary, firth").[6] The Elvish etymology of the name Drengist itself, however, appears to have been nowhere explained by Tolkien.