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Biographical Information
Other namesMelemno (S)
TitlesLord of the Solosimpi[1]
LocationGreat Lands
Tol Eressëa[1]
Physical Description

Ellu Melemno was the second leader of the Solosimpi, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.[1]


After Tinwë Linto, the original leader of the Solosimpi, was enchanted by the fay Wendelin in Hisilómë during the Elves's march from Palisor,[2] the Solosimpi chose one Ellu to be their lord,[1] who eventually led them to Valinor.[3]

Many years later, when Melko started to sow unrest among the Gnomes in Valinor, their king Nólemë sought Ellu's advice, who, along with Inwë and Fëanor, advised him to inform Manwë of Melko's machinations.[4]


The names Ellu and Melemno are, according to Paul Strack, in Solosimpilin, but their meaning is unclear.[5]

The character was originally known only as Melemno in the story of The Theft of Melko.[6]

Other versions of the legendarium

According to the original version of The Tale of Tinúviel, the name Ellu was first applied to Tinwë Linto (or Tinwelint in Gnomish), as seen in the name Tinto Ellu.

However, in a later addition to the tales of The Coming of the Elves and of The Theft of Melko, the name Ellu began to be applied to the lord of the Solosimpi in Valinor.[7]

In the Sketch of the Mythology from c. 1926, the first version of the Silmarillion, the name Ellu was again applied to the leader of the Solosimpi (now also called Teleri) in Valinor, here changed to Elu (or Elwë in Qenya).[8]

For the later applications of the name Elu/Elwë in the legendarium, see: Olwë#Other versions of the legendarium and Thingol#Other names.