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formen is a noun meaning "north" in Quenya.[1]


Formen is also the name in Quenya of the tenth letter of the Tengwar alphabet.[1] It is the second letter of the third grade or Tyellë, which contains "voiceless spirants" and it is the third letter in the labial or p-series of consonants, the Parmatéma. In all modes Formen represents F.[2] It was one of the most widely known and used of all the Tengwar since it indicated "north" even in languages that used a very different term.[1] The Westron name for this letter is .[3]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

In the West-lands of Middle-earth the four cardinal directions were Númen, Hyarmen, Rómen, and Formen, and they were named in this order, beginning with (and facing) west. Hyarmen meant a left-hand region and Formen meant a right-hand region.[1] Thus the word for "north" derives from the Primitive Quendian root PHOR, meaning "right hand", plus MEN indicating direction.[4]

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