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"Formenos" by Luis F. Bejarano
General Information
LocationNorthern Valinor
People and History
EventsMurder of Finwë, theft of the Silmarils
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Formenos (Years of the Trees 1490[1] – 1495,[2] inhabited for approx. 50 years) was the stronghold of Fëanor and his sons in the north of Valinor, built after his banishment from Tirion. A great number of the Noldor, including their king Finwë, went with Fëanor into exile.[3]

Fëanor's treasury was in Formenos, and Melkor came to the stronghold searching for the Silmarils. Here he slew Finwë before stealing the jewels and escaping to Middle-earth.[4]


Formenos means "Northern Fortress" in Quenya (from formen = "north" and osto = "fortress"). Its Sindarin cognate is Fornost, the name of a different city.

Other versions of the legendarium

The precursor of Formenos is Sirnúmen, a location which appears in an early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.[5] In this version, Melko sows discord among the Noldoli, who are then ordered by Manwë to leave their home of Kôr and build a new dwelling elsewhere in Valinor. Their new dwelling, Sirnúmen, is later plundered by Melko, who kills Fëanor's father, Bruithwir, and steals the gems of the Noldoli, including the Silmarils.[6]