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"Lost Amid the Pathless Trees" by Peter Xavier Price
Biographical Information
AffiliationHouse of Hador
DeathF.A. 473
Physical Description
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Grithnir was a servant of the House of Hador.


In the prime of his life, in the time of Hador Lórindol, Grithnir was said to have travelled widely in Beleriand, and come to know its ways well. For this reason, in his old age, he was selected by Morwen as one on the two guides to travel to Doriath with her son Túrin. They were successful, and Túrin was taken into King Thingol's court, but unlike his companion Gethron, Grithnir never saw his northern homelands again. He became sick while a guest in Menegroth, and died before he could make the journey home.[1]

Other versions of the legendarium

This character already appears in the early version of the Legendarium of The Book of Lost Tales, with the name Gumlin.[2] Here he remains in Artanor after bringing Túrin, as he is too old. But years after Túrin is exiled, he begs Tinwelint to depart back to Hisilómë and he is granted two guides. He almost dies in the journey, as it was winter, but he is rescued by the men of Mavwin. This way Mavwin knew of Túrin's fame and misfortune, and wished to move to Artanor. The following spring, Gumlin died.[3]