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Hanstovánen, formerly Amnos, was the beaching place of the ship Mornië in the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.


Mornië, the ship that ferried the dead, was often beached at Amnos, a northern harbour at the end of the path that led there from Mandos. As the Noldoli travelled along the coasts of Eldamar during their exile from Valinor, they came to Amnos before they reached the Helkaraksë. A servant of Vefántur saw them there and asked that they turn back. When they refused, he stood on a tall rock and spoke the Prophecies of Amnos, which warned of hardships to come. The prophecy was named for Amnos, as that was the place where it was spoken. Thus, this place was later called Hanstovánen.[1]

Other versions of the legendarium

Hanstovánen was also written as Mornielta and Vane Hansto, but some of these were struck out, and Hanstovánen appears to be the final form, being the one used in the narrative.[2]:170

The name Amnos was emended from Emnon, which was an emendation from Morniento.[2]:170 In the following Lost Tale, the location is referred as the strands of Amnor.[3]

A prophecy by Amnon referenced by Turgon in The Tale of the Fall of Gondolin resembled the Prophecies of Amnos, but here Amnon was a prophet rather than a location. A few other notes for Lost Tales mention a Prophecy of Amnon, but these do not specify whether Amnon was a person or place.[2]:172

In The Silmarillion, the Doom of the Noldor is given in the lands of Araman.[4]

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