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Herendil was the son of Elendil according to the early version of the legendarium in The Lost Road.


Herendil was a daring diver and he was prideful of his talent. In the aftermath of one such dive, his father, Elendil, observes that he seems to have grown drastically and tells Herendil that he has the makings of a fine man.[1]

To this, Herendil rebukes his father, believing the comment to be one of mockery, claiming that Elendil knew already that he was of a lesser height than others of his age, and that he was tormented by that. Herendil stated in evidence that he was barely of height to Almáriel's shoulder.[1]

Herendil then informed his father that though the two of them are the blood of kings, his peers called him names such as "Terendul" the day prior, and accused him of being a "half-Noldo." Herendil admitted, however, that it is at least better than "being called half a Gnome".[1]

Elendil responded saying that then it may be dangerous for Herendil to be his son as his own father's name, Valandil, meant "God-friend".[1]


Herendil is Quenya, being a compound of heren ("fortune, governance") + (-n)dil ("friend"). Its Old English cognate was Eadwine.[2] which means "Fortune-friend".[3]

The derisive name, Terendul, meaning "slender and dark",[1] contains the elements teren ("slender") + nulla ("dark, dusky, obscure").[4]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

In an earlier draft of The Lost Road, Herendil was called Eärendel in scorn or mockery by a man named Poldor rather than being called Terendul by anonymous peers.[5]

Tolkien eventually abandoned his work The Lost Road, yet many elements of Herendil were merged into the character of Isildur within The Lord of the Rings.[source?]

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