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Lifespanc. 250 years[2]
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The Ironfists were one of the seven houses of the Dwarves that dwelt in Rhûn. They were originally paired with the Stiffbeards.[3]

The locations of the four Dwarven clans, including the Ironfists, who lived in the East are unknown. The distance between their mansions in the East and the Misty Mountains, specifically Gundabad, was said to be as great or greater than that of Gundabad's distance from the Blue Mountains in the West.[4]

It is possible that the Ironfists were among the "Houses of other Fathers" who sent troops to help Durin's Folk in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs.[5]

Late in the Third Age, when war and terror grew in the East itself, considerable numbers of Ironfists and dwarves of the Eastern clans left their ancient homelands. They sought refuge in Middle-earth's western lands, where some of them may have met Frodo Baggins.[6]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

1982-97: Middle-earth Role Playing:

The unnamed Dwarven tribes were given invented names in an early supplement.[7] While these were published before the publication of Tolkien's late note on the name of the Dwarven houses of the East, it has been suggested that the Ironfists could correspond to Thelór's tribe (as portrayed in MERP).[8]

2002-5: The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game:

The House corresponding to the Ironfists is called Sindri's Folk, said to inhabit a mountain chain of central Middle-earth.[9]

2012: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey:

Dwalin and Thorin mentioned Thorin, the heir of Durin having a meeting with his kin, with "envoys from the Seven Kingdoms", the same number as the Houses of the Dwarves, and also Dwarves of the Iron Hills. It's unspecified on why Thorin had a meeting with all houses of the Dwarves, however it's likely for the purpose of declaring war on Smaug and to reclaim his homeland.
The "Zhélruka" in The Lord of the Rings Online

2018: The Lord of the Rings Online:

The House corresponding to the Ironfists is called the Zhélruka, meaning "iron hand" in old Slavonic on which their "outer" names are based. The Zhélruka were the first of major Houses (other than Longbeards) to be introduced to the game, which greatly fleshed out their history, culture, language and even the unique writing system. They style themselves with elaborate moustaches and mutton chops instead of beards and fight with curved swords instead of axes. Their banners depict an iron gauntlet wielding a war-gammer.
The Zhélruka awoke in the east and fought with Kámbrada over the mountains of Ered Cernin. Their homes destroyed at the end of the First Age, they were granted leave to dwell in Gundabad by Durin II, but the refugees never arrived, becoming lost in the Grey Mountains. A widespread legend among the Zhélruka was the existence of their lost city in the Grey Mountains that rivaled Khazad-dûm: "Thafar-gathol, the Grey Citadel". A proud culture with a distrust of outsiders, the Zhélruka had a long history with the Longbeards that varied between alliance and enmity. Their kings wielded the Ring "Tínya" until it was devoured by the Cold-dragon "Hrímil Frost-heart".
When Thráin II called the dwarves to war, "King Vélat" led the Zhélruka from their home in "Ered Cernin". Vélat fell in the Battle of Azanulbizar and was succeeded by his son "Vékun II". Shortly after Sauron's downfall, Vékun's son "Prince Ingór", brother of "King Ótek VII", led an expedition into the Grey Mountains and formed an uneasy partnership with the Longbeard expedition he encountered there. Ingór's dwarves helped the Longbeards secure an abandoned stronghold in Ered Mithrin and joined Prince Durin's campaign to reclaim Gundabad, although Ingór's host answered only to him. The dwarves were eventually successful and Durin VII reinforced his own decree by allowing Zhélruka to dwell within Gundabad.


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