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Biographical Information
PositionLeader of the Avari
LanguageCommon Eldarin
Birthduring the Years of the Trees
Physical Description

Morwë was the leader of a kindred of the Avari.


The Elves of the kindred of Morwë dwelled with the kindred of Nurwë furthest away from the waters of Cuiviénen. They wandered among the hills and never saw Oromë when he first came to them.

During the first Sundering of the Elves, the kindreds of Morwë and Nurwë had refused the summons of Oromë, as they preferred the starlight over the rumor of the Two Trees in Aman. They remained at Cuiviénen with half of the Tatyar (the second clan who later became known as the Noldor) and a third of the Nelyar (the third clan, later known as the Teleri).[1]


Morwë is clearly Quenya, but it is not glossed. As Paul Strack explains, it could composed of the elements Mor ("black, dark, darkness") + ("ancient name suffix (usually but not always masculine)").[2]


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