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"Nellas" by ElfinFen
Biographical Information
PositionTúrin's tutor
LocationDoriath (in the woods near Menegroth)
LanguageDoriathrin (a dialect of Sindarin)
BirthBefore F.A. 484
Physical Description
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Nellas was an Elf of Doriath, and a friend and tutor of Túrin Turambar during his boyhood.[1]


Nellas was an Elf-maiden of Doriath, who lived in the woods near Menegroth. At the bidding of Melian, she watched over Túrin whenever he strayed into the woods during his boyhood years. Sometimes they played together or wandered hand in hand. To Túrin, she seemed no more than his own age.[1]

It was from Nellas' teachings that Túrin learned Doriathrin, a more archaic and courteous form of Sindarin, as well as the "ways and the wild things of Doriath".[1]

Eventually however, as Túrin grew to manhood, he turned his attention to warfare, and as Nellas was unwilling to venture under the roofs of stone of Menegroth, Túrin eventually stopped meeting with her altogether. Nonetheless, Nellas continued watching over him, though now she remained hidden.[1]

After Túrin's accidental slaying of Saeros,[2] it was Nellas' account that earned him the forgiveness of his King and foster-father Thingol (though he did not know this, having already exiled himself from Doriath).[3][4]

Some time later, when Beleg brought the news of his pardon to Túrin,[5] he seemed not to have remembered much about Nellas, leading to Beleg rebuking him.[6][7]


The name Nellas is in Sindarin, though its meaning is never glossed. One possible meaning of the name is "Three-leaf", as suggested by David Salo, consisting of the Noldorin element nel- ("tri") + Sindarin lass ("leaf").[8]

For alternative interpretations of the name's meaning, see the entry Nellas on the Encyclopedia of Arda.