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"Elf Maiden" by Antti Autio
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Nellas was an Elf of Doriath and the friend of Túrin during his boyhood.

History[edit | edit source]

Nellas was an Elf-maiden of Doriath, who lived in the woods near Menegroth. At the bidding of Melian, she watched over Túrin whenever he strayed into the woods during his boyhood years. Sometimes they played together or wandered hand in hand. To Túrin, she seemed no more than his own age. It was from Nellas' teaching that Túrin gained the Elf-like bearing and knowledge of Sindarin that led the people of Nargothrond to give him the name Adanedhel, Elf-Man. Eventually, Túrin turned his attention more towards the deeds of his own race, and Nellas was unwilling to go under the roofs of stone of Menegroth. After Túrin's accidental slaying of Saeros, it was Nellas' account that earned him the forgiveness of the King (though he did not know this, having already exiled himself from the Hidden Kingdom).[1] Later, when Beleg brought the news to him, he seemed to not remember anything about Nellas. [2]