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Prince, or Ernil in Sindarin,[1] was a hereditary title conferred by the kings of Gondor.


The title was first given by Elendil to a house of Númenórean nobles, to whom he was related, that had settled in Belfalas in or near to Edhellond.[2] Some two thousand years later, after the drowning of Amroth, Galador was the first of this line to use the title Prince of Dol Amroth.[3]

In T.A. 3019 King Elessar of Gondor created the title Prince of Ithilien and gave it to Faramir, the last Ruling Steward.[4]

Peregrin Took was also informally known as the Prince of the Halflings by the people of Minas Tirith during his time there.[1]