Rushock Bog

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Rushock Bog
Rushock Bog in The Lord of the Rings Online
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LocationThe Water, Westfarthing
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Rushock Bog was a swamp on The Water in the Westfarthing, south of Needlehole and to the north-west of Hobbiton.[1]


According to Tolkien, the name is derived from the plant rush.[2] David Salo, but also Hammond and Scull, suggested an etymology from Old English *Ryscuc/rixuc meaning "rushy place, rush-bed".[3][2] However Tolkien alternatively suggested a possible compound rush + hassock "coarse grass".[2]


There is a village Rushock in Worcestershire and a Rushock in Herefordshire.[2]

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Rushock Bog lies to the south of Needlehole and to the east of Little Delving.