The Water

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The Water, short for the Shire-water,[1] was an important river in the Shire[2].

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Water arose to the north-west of Needlehole where it turned to flow to the south. After a short distance at the Rushock Bog it split into two branches, which soon rejoined and then turned eastwards, southwards and again eastwards before Hobbiton.[2] Before flowing through Hobbiton the Water was quite narrow and could be crossed by a narrow plank bridge, and was shadowed by alder-trees.[3] From there, it flowed through Hobbiton and on into the Bywater Pool at Bywater, where it was joined by a stream from the north. From then on, it flowed eastward alongside the East Road, which ran through the Water-valley[4]. North of Frogmorton it split again into two branches that rejoined after a short distance. It continued eastwards whered it could be crossed at the Budge Ford by the village of Budgeford[5] and then continued eastwards to join the Brandywine just north of the Brandywine Bridge.[2]

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

The naming of the Water may be a parody of some sorts of Celtic hydronyms that mean simply "river" or "water".[6]