South Road

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The South Road was a major road of Gondor.

The South Road ran from Minas Tirith to the south, through the Rammas Echor, crossed the river Erui at the Crossings of Erui and reached Pelargir.[1][2][note 1] It was the chief highway of Minas Tirith and was well-paved and wide enough for three lines of wagons. A broad green riding-track ran along its eastern edge.[3]

During the War of the Ring, before the Siege of Gondor, the captains of the Outlands were expected to arrive at Minas Tirith on the South Road.[4]


  1. The name "South Road" is used only by Bergil in the narrative; the road that could be "the South Road" is unnamed on the Map of Rohan, Gondor and Mordor, the General Map of Middle-earth and the map of The West of Middle-earth at the End of the Third Age. However, it is named on a map of the surroundings of Minas Tirith that was drawn by J.R.R. Tolkien during the writing of The Lord of the Rings, which is electronically labelled MINAS TIRITH on the Website of the Tolkien Estate. In addition, the context of the narrative makes this identification obvious. Cf. Robert Foster, The Complete Guide to Middle-earth, p. 363