Livery of Elendil

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The Livery of Elendil were a number of symbols used by the Realms in Exile and their descendant kingdoms, Gondor and Arnor. It consisted of a black field with Seven Stars wrought of gems, the White Tree, and the Crown of Gondor wrought of Mithril and gold. Upon Arnor's fall and the failing of the line of the Kings of Gondor the crown was largely dropped from usage, until the time of Aragorn Elessar, where the crown was used again.

Standard of Elendil[edit]

The Standard of Elendil was a version of the livery of Elendil that Aragorn Elessar that was made by Arwen for Aragorn.[1] It had a black field, with seven stars wrought of gems, a white tree for Gondor, and a crown wrought of mithril and gold. These were the signs of the house of Elendil, which Aragorn unfurled at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.[2]