Seven Stars

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Seven Stars is a common symbol throughout Arda.

It refers to the constellation that turns through the northern skies every night of the year. To the Elves this was the Valacirca that signalled the downfall of Morgoth,[1] but the Men of the Northern lands called it simply 'The Wain'.[2] The Seven Stars are today known as the Plough, or the Big Dipper.

The Doors of Durin also displayed seven stars with a crown, probably representing Durin's Crown.

The Seven Stars were also a symbol of Elendil: The Faithful escaped the Akallabêth on Elendil's nine ships.[3] Of those nine, each of the seven which carried one of the Palantíri had a single five-rayed star on its sail.[4] When Narsil was reforged, in Andúril's blade were traced seven stars, set between a crescent Moon and a rayed Sun.[5] In the Rhyme of Lore remembered by Gandalf, they are mentioned along with the seven Palantíri.[6] The Crown of Gondor bore seven jewels of adamant set in the circlet.[7]