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This is the Tolkien Gateway Sandbox, for experimental edits and templates to practice using wikitext. Please edit this page as much as you want instead of "testing" anywhere else.

I have an idea to create an infobox for the Ages of Arda. What do y'all think? For example, an infobox for the First Age would look like this:

First Age
Quentin Lowagie - Arda in the First Age.png
General information
Other namesElder Days, Eldest Days
Preceded byDays before days
Awakening of the ElvesY.T. 1050
Battle of the PowersY.T. 1090 - 1099
Great Journey of the EldarY.T. 1105 - 1151
Long Night & Flight of the NoldorY.T. 1495 - 1500
War of the JewelsY.T. 1497 - Y.S. 587
Followed bySecond Age