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"Eorl the Young at Celebrant" by Jan Pospíšil
Biographical Information
Other namesthe Young
TitlesLord of the Éothéod
King of Rohan
AffiliationOath of Eorl
LanguageRohanese and Westron
BirthT.A. 2485
RuleT.A. 2501 - T.A. 2510 (Lord)
T.A. 2510 - T.A. 2545 (King)
DeathT.A. 2545 (aged 60)
The Wold
Housefounded the House of Eorl
Physical Description
Hair colorYellow[1]
GalleryImages of Eorl

Eorl the Young (Third Age 2485 – 2545, aged 60 years) was the son of Léod of the Éothéod, and founder of Rohan.[1]

Life[edit | edit source]

When Eorl was only 16 years old, his father was killed while trying to tame the horse Felaróf, making Eorl Lord of the Éothéod at that young age. Young Eorl swore to avenge his father and managed to tame the horse. He "doomed" the horse to carry him for the rest of their lives, and the horse seemingly accepted this burden.[1]

In T.A. 2510, Borondir Udalraph came to the north seeking aid, as the South-kingdom was attacked by the Orcs and the Balchoth. On April 15th, Eorl came to the Field of Celebrant, and joined the battle. For his service to Gondor, he was granted Calenardhon to dwell in. As a return, Eorl and his descendants would have to come to the aid of Gondor when they requested; this was known as the Oath of Eorl.[2]

Eorl ruled from a green hill under the White Mountains.[1]

Even in his older years Eorl never lost his yellow hair. He died in battle against the Easterlings in T.A. 2545. He was buried in the first royal mound, and Felaróf was buried with him.[3]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Eorl was the founder of Rohan, its first King, the ancestor of the House of Eorl and all the Kings of Rohan. His horse Felaróf was the first of the Mearas.

Eorl was known as "the Young" because he became Lord of the Éothéod at the age of 16 and because he never lost his yellow hair.

His Oath would be answered at least thrice: once by Folcred and Fastred, once by Théoden Ednew and by Éomer.[3]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word Eorl is an Old English translation of genuine Rohanese þuron, which has perhaps influence from Elvish root TUR.[4]

Eorl is an Old English word referring to a person of noble rank. It is the ancestor of modern "earl". It was the highest rank of nobility in North Germanic culture, not introduced to Britain until the late 9th century, when it replaced the equivalent Old English title ealdorman. The Old Norse equivalent is jarl.[5] Þórsteinn Thorarensen used Jarl as the name for the character throughout his Icelandic translation of The Lord of the Rings, along with Hjálmur, for Helm, Þengill for Thengel, Þjódan for Théoden, and Jómar.for Éomer.[6] Compare Ceorl, the second rank.

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

fl. c. T.A. 2000
2459 - 2501
2485 - 2545
2512 - 2570
d. 2570
2544 - 2645

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

Eorl in adaptations
Eorl in The Lord of the Rings Online  
The Lord of the Rings Online tapestry: Eorl crosses the Anduin at the Fields of Celebrant  
The Lord of the Rings Online tapestry: The Oath of Eorl  

2020: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Eorl appears in a series of flashbacks narrating the history of the Eotheod. Additionally, he is depicted on tapestries found throughout Rohan. A statue of Eorl and Cirion is erected near the site of their first meeting.


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House of Eorl
Born: T.A. 2485 Died: T.A. 2545
Preceded by:
Lord of the Éothéod
T.A. 25012510
Himself as King
1st King of Rohan
T.A. 25102545
Followed by:

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