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Waymeet in The Lord of the Rings Online
General Information
Other namesWaymoot
LocationWestfarthing, the Shire
People and History
Eventsa staging point for Sharkey's Men which led to the Battle of Bywater
GalleryImages of Waymeet

Waymeet or Waymoot was a town in the Westfarthing of the Shire. The East Road, the main road through the Shire, ran through the town on its way to Michel Delving. Two smaller roads also led to Waymeet: one from Little Delving to the north and one from Tookland and the Southfarthing beyond.[1] Where these roadways came together, a town had grown up, appropriately known as Waymeet.


In the War of the Ring, the ruffians who took over the Shire had a staging post or barracks in Waymeet,[2] and it was from here that Sharkey's Men set out for the Battle of Bywater, in which they were soundly defeated by the Shire-hobbits.


The name refers to the village being at the meeting of three ways.[3]

The name Waymeet is a modernised spelling of the older form, Waymoot, which was the spelling preferred by Tolkien in early drafts of The Return of the King. Though he ultimately modernised the name within the book itself, the map of the Shire in the prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring was never corrected, and still carries the older spelling of the name.[4]

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Waymeet is a minor settlement, consisting of just a few hobbit holes scattered around the crossing of the roads.