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"Idril Light" by Venlian
Biographical Information
Other namesItarillë (Q, fn),
Celebrindal (S, epessë)
TitlesPrincess of Gondolin
LocationVinyamar, Gondolin
LanguageQuenya and Sindarin
Birthbetween Y.T. 1300 and 1500
Sailed westF.A. 525
Mouths of Sirion
HouseHouse of Fingolfin
ParentageElenwë and Turgon
Physical Description
Hair colorGolden[1]
SteedEärrámë (ship)
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Idril Celebrindal was the daughter of King Turgon of Gondolin[2], the wife of Tuor and the mother of Eärendil the Mariner.

Of the Noldor who returned to Middle-earth documented to have Vanyarin ancestry, Idril has the most, being five-eighths Vanyarin by ancestry. Her full-Vanyarin mother Elenwë fell during the crossing at Helcaraxë, and so did not step foot in Middle-earth. Idril's son Eärendil is also documented the most heavily Vanyarin of the Half-elven, being five-sixteenths Vanyarin by ancestry.


[edit] History

Idril Celebrindal's device, depicting a menelluin, with 12 points

Idril Celebrindal was the only child of Turgon. She participated in the Flight of the Noldor, and in the crossing of the Helcaraxë her mother Elenwë, died. Together with Angrod's son Orodreth she was one of the two Noldor in the third generation to come into exile. Idril was loved in secret by her cousin Maeglin, the son of Eöl the Dark Elf and Aredhel, Turgon's sister, but she scorned his advances because of his dark character, and the fact they were too closely related.[3]

When Tuor, son of Huor arrived in Gondolin, Idril fell in love with him. Because Turgon had grown to love Tuor as a son (as he had his father before), and remembering the last words of Huor, he allowed Idril and Tuor to wed, thus bringing about the second union of Elves and Men, after Beren and Lúthien. Idril encouraged Tuor to build a secret passage, and thus enabled many to escape the Fall of Gondolin. In Gondolin she had a son, Eärendil.

After the fall of Gondolin, Idril and Tuor became leaders of the exiles at the Havens of Sirion, where they also received Elwing daughter of Dior son of Beren and Lúthien.

When Tuor grew old he departed in his ship named Eärrámë for the West, and Idril went with him. It is believed by the Elves and Dúnedain that Idril and Tuor arrived in Valinor, bypassing the Ban of the Valar, and it is said that Tuor became reckoned in the kindred of the Elves, so that they both live in Valinor.[4]

[edit] Etymology

The name Idril is the Sindarin form of her Quenya name Itarildë (or Itarillë), which means "Sparkling Brilliance".[5]

She was called Celebrindal, "Silver-foot", because she always went barefoot.[6]

[edit] Genealogy

Y.T. 1190 - F.A. 456
b. Y.T.
d. F.A. 472
Y.T. 1300 - F.A. 510
d. Y.T. 1500
Y.T. 1362 - F.A. 400
d. F.A. 400
d. F.A. 1
b. F.A. 472
b. Y.T.
F.A. 320 - 510
b. F.A. 503
b. F.A. 503
F.A. 532 - S.A. 442
b. F.A. 532

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