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Tolkien-related events that took place in 1933.

February[edit | edit source]

  • 4 - C.S. Lewis writes to lifelong friend Arthur Greeves on The Hobbit, saying "Since term began [on January 15] I have had a delightful time reading a children's story which Tolkien has just written . . . Whether it is really good (I think it is until the end) is of course another question: still more, whether it will succeed with modern children" (They Stand Together, collected letters from Lewis to Greeves, ed. Walter Hooper, No. 183).
  • 24 - Verlyn Flieger is born.

March[edit | edit source]

April[edit | edit source]

September[edit | edit source]

  • ? - Tolkien visits Sarehole, the place of his childhood, and laments the changes he observed.[1]

November[edit | edit source]

December[edit | edit source]

?[edit | edit source]

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