Bywater Road

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Bywater Road is a road in the Shire, branching from the East Road and leading to Little Delving.


A little to the west of the Three-Farthing Stone, a branch of the East Road sloped upward between high banks[1] leading to the village of Bywater from which the Road took its name. From there, it carried on to Hobbiton, where a traveller would turn right and cross a bridge across the Water for about thirty miles, to reach Hobbiton Hill and Bag End. The road itself continued into the west, in the direction of Little Delving.[2]


On 3 November S.R. 1419,[3] Merry used this feature to trap the band of Ruffians who came to crush the rebellion of the Hobbits against Sharkey's rule. Wagons were used to close the trap on either end, which gave the Hobbits the edge in the resulting Battle of Bywater.[1]