Drogo Baggins

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Drogo Baggins
Biographical Information
LocationThe Shire
BirthS.R. 1308
DeathS.R. 1380 (aged 72)
ParentageFosco Baggins and Ruby Bolger
SiblingsDora and Dudo
SpousePrimula Brandybuck
ChildrenFrodo Baggins
Physical Description

Drogo Baggins was a Hobbit of the Shire. He was the father of Frodo Baggins.


Drogo Baggins was the second child, and oldest son, of Fosco Baggins and Ruby Bolger, born in S.R. 1308. He married Primula Brandybuck, and had one child, Frodo.[1]

A regular and respectable Shire-hobbit, fond of good food, he often visited his generous father-in-law Gorbadoc Brandybuck in Brandy Hall, and seemed to adopt the curious customs of the Bucklanders, like boating. This was the cause of his irregular death, as during one of his visits to his in-laws in Buckland,[note 1] he drowned in a boating accident with his wife Primula. Frodo was still very young and he was taken under the custody of his uncle, Rorimac Brandybuck.[2]


The name Drogo was meaningless in contemporary Hobbitish Westron. It represented an original name Droga.[3]


  1. According to Hamfast Gamgee, this happened while he was staying "with his father-in-law", which however would be impossible as Gorbadoc had been dead by then (S.R. 1363) according to Appendix C.