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Amanyar ("Those of Aman" in Quenya) was another name for the Elves of the Light, those who dwelt in Valinor.[1] They included the Vanyar, Ñoldor, and those Teleri who passed over Belegaer,[2] known as the Falmari.

The Vanyar dwelt with the Valar in their Valmar, the Noldor in Tirion (as well as various fortresses and mines in the encircling Pelóri mountains), and the Falmari in Alqualondë. After the Third Age, those Noldor who had remained in exile in Middle-earth returned, followed by many of the Sindar and Silvan Elves. The Vanyar and Falmari never departed from Valinor save during the War of Wrath.

One Elf of the Light who was not of the Amanyar was King Thingol.[3]

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