Fourth Age 220

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Fourth Age 220 (abbreviated to Fo.A. 220 or F.O.) is the 220th year of the Sun of the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. Unless otherwise stated, Tolkien Gateway follows Shire usage in Appendix B for reckoning Fourth Age years: Fourth Age 220 was also known as S.R. 1641 in Shire-reckoning.

Notable events in this year include:



  • Berelach visited his father Borlas at Pen-arduin, telling him about the recent incident with the Shipmen, believing that they were unskilled and foolish; and as such, deserved their fate.[1]


  • Borlas quoted Berelach's tale to Saelon, only for Saelon to put suspicion on Berelach's story, leading to a discussion about the nature of evil.[1]
  • The dark cult connected to Herumor is discovered and overthrown in Gondor.[2]
  • About this time, Eldarion's reign as High King comes to an end.[3]