Holman Greenhand

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Holman Greenhand
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Holman Greenhand from The Hobbit (2003 video game)
Biographical Information
BirthS.R. 1292
ParentageHalfred Greenhand
Physical Description
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Holman Greenhand was a Hobbit of the Shire, noted for being a fine gardener.


Holman's grandfather and namesake, Holman the greenhanded, initiated both the family name and the family profession: gardening.[1] Holman became a gardener in Hobbiton, and one of the gardens he tended was that of Bag End. Around T.A. 2941, he took on his nephew Hamfast Gamgee as an apprentice.[2]

One morning of that spring, Gandalf visited Bag End, but found its master, Bilbo Baggins, not at home. Holman informed him that Bilbo had gone on one of his walks, as it was the Elves' new year. Holman's description of Bilbo convinced Gandalf he had found the perfect man for his mission, to re-take Erebor.[3]

When Bilbo went missing - that is, on his mission - Holman and Hamfast had their hands full in making sure the garden wasn't trampled as the place was swarming with Hobbits, hoping to get a piece of the Baggins estate.[2]

Gaffer took over the job around T.A. 2961,[4] about which time Holman retired or died.


Holman means "hole-man", and is distinct from the real-life English surname[5] which contains holm "river island" rather than hol "hole".[6]

Portrayal in Adaptation[edit]

2003: The Hobbit (2003 video game):

Holman lives in a hut on the other side of the Water.