Horn-call of Buckland

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The Horn-call or Horn-cry of Buckland was the alarm signal of the Hobbits of Buckland, calling them to action against invaders and incursions into their land.


The Horn-call of Buckland was an emergency signal and as such had not often been used. One sounding had been to warn of White Wolves crossing the frozen Brandywine in the Fell Winter[1] of 2911.[2]

After that, it had not been blown again for a hundred and seven years; the Brandybucks used the horn on 30 September 3018[3] when Fredegar Bolger gasped out that invaders, the Black Riders, had intruded into Buckland. The alarm caused the Black Riders to depart from Crickhollow and ride through the North Gate.[1]

Meriadoc Brandybuck was the next to sound the Horn-cry of Buckland on 2 November 3019[4] using the Horn of the Mark, rousing the Shire-folk against the Ruffians who had taken control of the Shire.[5]