Horn of the Mark

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The Horn of the Mark was a silver horn, made by the Dwarves. It was among their treasure that the Long-worm Scatha took from them.[1]

When Fram killed Scatha, his hoard became a matter of dispute between the Éothéod and the Dwarves.[2] Nonetheless the Horn was taken by the Éothéod and apparently it became an heirloom of the House of Eorl even when they settled Rohan.

More than a thousand years later, at the end of the War of the Ring, Lady Éowyn gave the Horn to Holdwine Meriadoc Brandybuck as a farewell gift for his services to Rohan.[1]

On their return to the Shire, Merry used the Horn to sound the Horn-call of Buckland on 2 November 3019[3] rousing the Shire-folk against the Ruffians who had taken control of the Shire.[4]

In commemoration of those events and the liberation of the Shire, the Horn was sounded ceremonially every year at sundown on 2 November in Buckland, commencing celebrations with bonfires and feasts.[5]