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Addison-Wesley[edit source]

Allsorts PBM Games[edit source]

Beau-Jolly[edit source]

Bergsla[edit source]

Blockdot Games[edit source]

Central de JOCS S.L.[edit source]

CHAOS Productions[edit source]

Codemasters[edit source]

Colyseo[edit source]

CRL Group PLC[edit source]

Cybexlab Software[edit source]

DaS Production s.r.l.[edit source]

Delta 4 Software[edit source]

Drachenschmeide[edit source]

Dro Soft[edit source]

Eamon[edit source]

Electronic Arts[edit source]

Firebird[edit source]

Gad Games[edit source]

Game Systems Inc.[edit source]

GT Interactive Software Corp.[edit source]

Guild Publishing[edit source]

Interplay Productions[edit source]

Level 9 Computing[edit source]

Ketchup Games[edit source]

Konami[edit source]

Melbourne House[edit source]

Milbus Software[edit source]

Mirrosoft Ltd.[edit source]

Muermamick Softwarradas Productiones[edit source]

OCSoftware[edit source]

Postern[edit source]

Rainbird Software[edit source]

Sarassota Collectibles[edit source]

SCi Games Ltd.[edit source]

Severn Software[edit source]

Silicon & Synapse[edit source]

Slamsoft[edit source]

Strategic Fantasy Games of Australia[edit source]

Sun Microsystems[edit source]

Synergistic Software, inc.[edit source]

Tansoft[edit source]

Tatsusoft[edit source]

Turbine[edit source]

Zenobi Software[edit source]