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This article is about the Elven Loremasters. For the mailing list about J.R.R. Tolkien's languages, see Lambengolmor (mailing list).
Fëanor by Ryszard Derdziński

The Lambengolmor were the Loremasters of the Elves. They were skilled linguists and historians, and created many works about the Elves and their languages.

Known members were Rúmil, who invented the first alphabet; Fëanor, who invented the Tengwar; and Pengolodh, who is credited with many works that are the basis for The Silmarillion.[1]

A similar concept were the Quettúri ("Word-masters"), those Noldor who exercised lámatyávë creating new word systems.[2] In Valinor, Fëanor was chief of the linguistic loremasters.[3]

The loremasters were not a distinct guild or gentle scribes; they comprised of the greatest kings, princes, and warriors such as Fëanor, the captains of Gondolin, Finrod, and Orodreth.[4]


Lambengolmor is a Quenya word, glossed as "Loremasters of Tongues" in one manuscript.[1] In another manuscript, the alternative spelling Lambeñgolmor is seen, and also glossed as "lingustic loremasters".[5] Helge Fauskanger has noted that only the plural form is attested, of a possible singular form Lambengolmo. The word consists of lambe ("tongue, language") + ingolmo ("loremaster").[6]

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Lore-masters are a playable class in Turbine's MMORPG for the races of Men and Elves. Lore-masters in this adaptation play a support role, casting spells to improve the performance of their allies.[7]

2011: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North:

Andriel is a Lore-master of Imladris.[8]


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