Pass of Sirion

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"Finrod watches over Beren at the Pass of Sirion" by Gianna Michele Kaye.

The Pass of Sirion, in the First Age, was a steep-sided pass between the Ered Wethrin and the Echoriad, on the upper reaches of the River Sirion.[1] The only road through the pass was narrow and ran along the western bank of the river.[2] The sheer walls were covered with pines yet the vale was green. In the middle of the pass was the isle of Tol Sirion where Finrod built the tower of Minas Tirith. After Finrod departed to Nargothrond the fortress was committed to Finrod's kinsman Orodreth.[3]

During the Dagor Bragollach King Finrod was surrounded with a small company in the Fen of Serech. There he would have fallen but for the arrival of Barahir who came through the Pass of Sirion and rescued him.[4] However, by the end of this great battle Morgoth held the Pass.

During the Nirnaeth Arnoediad it was through the Pass of Sirion that Turgon led the main host of Gondolin north into battle, and then again south when in retreat. During that retreat Huor formed a rearguard south of the Fen of Serech and resisted until all of his men but one were slain. That one was Húrin who was captured and then taken to Angband.[5]

Glaurung the dragon came through the Pass of Sirion and defiled the waters of the Eithel Ivrin on his way to Nargothrond.[6]